Two drone operators posing with their drone

Drone Service Overview

As part of CFM's commitment to being an industry leader in technology and innovation, our Survey Division offers a wide array of drone services.

With more flying time than any other industrial drone services company in Atlantic Canada and adhering to all Transport Canada regulations, CFM takes experience and expertise to new heights.

A specialized indoor drone

Interior Inspection

In addition to being dangerous environments to work in, confined spaces and holding tanks are also expensive to inspect.

By utilizing interior inspection drones, we can complete inspections quickly and efficiently, but more importantly, we keep your people safe.

Imaging demonstration: detection of a housefly on a wind turbine from a great distance

HD Inspection

Looking to eliminate costly manual inspections and reduce time?

Our exterior drones carry a 20 Megapixel camera with 30X optical and 60X digital zoom, guaranteeing crystal clear imagery and video.

Infra-red image of a building from above

Infrared Inspection

Whether you are experiencing heat loss in your facility or trying to detect hot spots on electrical lines, our interior and exterior drones come fitted with infrared cameras designed to meet all of your heat detection needs.

3D scan of a high voltage transmission tower

3D Mapping and Modelling

Our team of drone pilots and drafters can help you measure deformations or model an existing structure, by using photogrammetry to quickly create accurate point clouds that can be used to generate 3D models.

Synthetic image from above measuring the volume of a geographic feature

Volume Surveys

If you are looking for experience in conducting volume surveys of stockpiles using drones, look no further.

Using the same principles as 3D modelling, we are able to measure these quantities faster, with far greater accuracy and safety than conventional surveys.