Side-by-side example of using 3D scanning to produce a model of an industrial setting

3D Laser Scanning

We specialize in the use of 3D Laser Scanning technology to provide you with accurate physical data that lets you make informed decisions based on precise, up-to-date measurements.

Our experienced technicians have worked on everything from construction, to pulp and paper, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, and shipbuilding.

Our scans are accurate to the millimetre and can capture vast amounts of information faster and more safely than conventional methods.

When it comes to transforming collected data into easily understood deliverables, you can count on the CFM team.

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3D Laser Scans are Ideal for the following applications:

  • Renovations and fit ups
  • Structural Steel
  • Piping
  • Mechanical Installations
  • Topographic and Volumetric Surveys
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Deformation Surveys
  • QA/QC Inspections
  • Digital Records of Historical Sites
  • Forensics
  • API Tank Inspections
  • 3D Point Clouds
Smiling man sitting at a CFM computer workstation

Civil Survey

CFM's professional Geomatics Engineers and certified Civil Engineering Technologists can provide complete surveying services for all projects, from beginning to end.

Our highly skilled surveying crews combine experience with a large inventory of modern survey equipment that gets the job done. And if more complex measurements are required, we have the specialized equipment required.

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Topographic surveys

  • Building layout surveys
  • As built, (foundations, equipment, piping, etc)
  • Bore hole and test pit mapping
  • Project Quality Control Coordination
  • Procedures
  • Documentation
  • Third Party Inspection (off site)
  • Dimensional verification of vendor supplied equipment
  • Laser Scanning/3-D Modeling
  • Excavation and site grading
  • Quantity surveys
  • Pile locations
  • Form work and anchor bolt layout
  • Underground services layout
  • Structural steel erection; and
  • Location certifications
Man taking precise measurements within industrial machinery

Industrial Alignments

Industrial Alignment is at the very foundation of our Survey Division. 

Created to service mills and shipyards, CFM has grown to work in nearly every pulp and paper mill in the Atlantic region and has assisted in building three different classes of ships for the Royal Canadian Navy.

Our surveyors utilize the latest in Laser Tracking Equipment enabling rapid data capture while providing extremely precise laser measurements for real time alignment results.

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  • Equipment layout and installation
  • Precision roll /  component alignment
  • Shaft /  coupling laser alignment
  • Optical tooling
  • Precision 3-D Object Measurements
  • Laser Scanning /  3-D Modeling

  • Pipe spool pre-installation trouble shooting
  • Exisiting piping location and tie-ins
  • Post construction as built
  • Interference checks
  • Laser Scanning

  • Propulsion Component
  • Hull Forms Surveys
  • Precision Surveys on Floating Structures
  • Laser Coupling Alignment
  • Auditing of Vendor Dimensional Requiements
  • Hull Component Installation Surveys
  • GPS Positioning for Sea trials
  • laser Scanning / 3-D Modeling
Two drone operators posing with their indoor scanning drone

Drone Services

As part of CFM's commitment to being an industry leader in technology and innovation, our Survey Division offers a wide array of drone services. 

With more flying time than any other industrial drone services company in Atlantic Canada and adhering to all Transport Canada regulations, CFM takes experience and expertise to new heights.

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