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Non-Destructive Testing Services

In terms of size, no other company in Atlantic Canada can match our in-house team of technicians with CSA W178.1 certification. World-class training and advanced testing make us uniquely capable of identifying the details that can make or break a project.

We also have personnel who are certified in all NDE methods located throughout the Atlantic region. CFM utilizes an Ultrasonic Thickness Wall Crawler in order to reduce the cost associated with complicated weld and corrosion inspections. The use of this equipment reduces the cost of inspection by not requiring scaffolding builds, while still allowing our Technicians to work in a safe and efficient manner. This remotely operated scanning platform is capable of circumferential scans on diameters as small as 70 mm (2.75 in) OD with a range of 100 feet.

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Non-Destructive Testing Services:

  • Liquid Penetrant Examination
  • Magnetic Particle Examination
  • Ultrasonic Examination
  • Radiographic Examination
  • Coatings/NACE
  • Positive Material Indentification (PMI)


  • Ferrite Testing
  • QC Visual Inspections
  • 3rd Party Inspections
  • Data Package Generational Review
  • QA Services


  • NDT management
  • Holiday Testing
  • Ferrite Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Bore Scope Inspections
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Engineering and Inspection Services

Having expertise across all disciplines makes our Inspection and Technical Services Division one of the most capable API/CWB inspection teams in Atlantic Canada.

Our experienced engineering team understands the needs of your industry and consistently strives to produce safe, sound, and cost-effective Structural, Mechanical and Welding engineering solutions for your projects. Our core competencies include annual inspection and certification of your lifting equipment, development and certification of structural repairs, design of lifting lugs and spreader beams, welding engineering support, and material identification and analysis. All our non-destructive examinations are supported for all inspections and certifications.

CFM utilizes a Ground Remote Inspection Unit designed for small areas and difficult terrain producing real-time video streaming and HD pictures while removing Technicians from potentially hazardous spaces.

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API Tank Inspection

  • API 650/653

Material testing

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Portable Hardness
  • Ferrite Testing

CWB/ASME Visual Inspection

  • Pressure Vessels API 510
  • Piping API 570
  • Structural
  • Third Party

Calibration Services

Noise & Vibration Analysis

Infrared Thermography

Opticam Inspection Services

Welding Engineering Services

  • Weld Procedures
  • Welder Qualifications
  • Welder Training


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Calibration Services

If you require the highest standard of Instrumentation Repair and Calibration services in eastern Canada, choose CFM.

As members of the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT), we offer extensive expertise, certified qualifications and timely, cost-effective services.

We offer complete Calibration and Repair Services for Equipment/Devices which measure pressure, electrical, temperature and torque.